Mini-Series: Map interactivity – Pt. 1

Today we will be looking at some ideas on how to add interactivity to maps without overloading them. Both are based on recent questions in the forums and we will also be building on one of my previous posts as well as make use of the latest addition to Tableau - Dynamic Zone Visibility. Part … Continue reading Mini-Series: Map interactivity – Pt. 1

A bit about the order of operations – Part 2

Here is the second and concluding part of the mini series on diving into the order of operations based on workout-wednesday 2022 week 15 challenge by Erica Hughes. In Part 1 we rebuilt the solution that was in the challenge but this time our aim is to avoid using hard-encoding the maximum date or storing … Continue reading A bit about the order of operations – Part 2

Comparing independent table calculation results from different sheets

Just as I had finished my blog on how to transfer results of a table calculation from one sheet to another, a new but related question popped up on the forums. This time, the user wanted to compare two independent rankings. I.e. he did not want to compare on a product level but instead he wanted to compare Rank#1 from Ranking A to Rank#1 from Ranking B etc where both rankings could be based on completely independent filters.

Transferring results of a table calculation as a fixed value into another sheet at the example of a Top N ranking

A returning question on the forums is when users want to take the results of filtered table calculation(s) as a fixed value or value set to another sheet which actually is not possible. In this blog post, we will see three option to do the undoable.