About me and the blog

Hi there

Thanks for visiting my blog. This blog was started in September 2021 and it is – as you might tell from the name – all things Tableau.

My name is Steffen, I am a two times Tableau Ambassador and Certified Associate. Got to know Tableau around mid 2018 and finally fell in love with it around mid to late 2019.

I thought this blog might be a good option to give back a bit of what I have learnt from so many others, so join me on this venture and maybe we both can learn from it.

Though I am from Germany, I decided to run this blog in English in order for the wider Tableau community to benefit from it (hopefully).

The blog will mostly comprise ideas and solutions based on questions in the Tableau forums but from time to time might also include my solutions to Workout Wednesday Challenges and generally some tips and tricks that I have picked up along the way.

Besides Tableau, I love training martial arts and listening to heavy metal (yes, that works with short hair, and yes, you can even headbang – it is just not looking as impressive)

Oh, and I really suck at WordPress.