Weeks and why you need to be careful || Let’s have a (word about) date(s) (5/6)

Many companies just love weeks and request reports being done on a weekly or by-week basis. That is all fine, fun and games but there are a couple of things you need to be aware of, especially if you are either just starting with Tableau, or week-based reporting or if your company is located in … Continue reading Weeks and why you need to be careful || Let’s have a (word about) date(s) (5/6)

Combinging Row Level Security with Rankings

For today I have something straight out of actual day-business. The challenge was to combine row-level-security with rankings. Now the problematic part here is that for ranking we need all the data whereas by definition, row level security in Tableau will filter out all the data that is not within the scope of the allowed … Continue reading Combinging Row Level Security with Rankings

Rapid Dashboarding: 5 step process to dashboard success

Sometimes the best you can do is quote someone who did it all so well.
So here we go, a great blog post from Julie Laux on fast (or rapid) dashboarding. 100% worth a read.

Rapid Dashboarding

July 2021

The Back Story

Five years ago, I decided to change my career and go into analytics. The first thing I did was hop on a plane to sunny California and attend the Storytelling with Data Workshop, led by Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic. I learned all about data visualization, how to choose the best graph types, and do’s and don’ts of dashboard design.

I came home and taught myself Tableau and Alteryx and I was well on my way to starting my new analytics career.

Then one day I got an email from one of our Sales VPs, and it said:

“Hey Julie, I was wondering if you can help us build a dashboard to show these three metrics on monthly basis. Seeing this data will really help us improve our sales team performance. “

Wow, my first dashboard request! I had just learned everything there was to know about…

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