Tableau #vizzies award @TC22

Next week Tableau Conference 2022 is up for an in-person as well as online event. Part of that will be the announcement of the ’22 #data-fam #vizzies awards.

The vizzies awards are community awards that will be granted in 15 different categories.

Nominees have been selected by the community throughout the last weeks and now in an act of shameless self-promotion (ok, given the impressively huge audience of this blog of around one to three visitors a day I think this is forgiveable):

I am feeling honored to have been nominated.

Not having any idea why, in which category or by whom but still feeling very much honored and am looking forward to the live stream of the vizzies awards. Though clearly, there are much more deserving people on the list.

Join #TC22 virtually, it is free!

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