Mini-Series: Map interactivity – Pt. 1

Today we will be looking at some ideas on how to add interactivity to maps without overloading them. Both are based on recent questions in the forums and we will also be building on one of my previous posts as well as make use of the latest addition to Tableau - Dynamic Zone Visibility. Part … Continue reading Mini-Series: Map interactivity – Pt. 1

Making the “hide” function in Tableau dynamic

What you will learn By the end of this posting you will have gained an idea of how we can make the "hide" option in Tableau dynamic which is essential when you are not only using table calculations but also applying totals from the analytics pane. The challenge Assume you want to show a 12 … Continue reading Making the “hide” function in Tableau dynamic

Dynamically adjusting Histogram

Histograms are the go-to solution when you want to show distribution frequency. Thus, no wonder Tableau offers an out-of-the-box solution for this where you can either have Tableau auto-detect / suggest bin sizes or you can manually set them or your are even free to use a parameter to adjust your bins on the fly. … Continue reading Dynamically adjusting Histogram

Changing date granularity based on filter (!) selection

For today I have an interesting one. Let's assume we are faced with a request where the circumstances allow you to show a maximum of twelve bars in your chart. Reason isn't relevant, let's just stick with that as a prerequisite. At the same time, you are tasked to provide the most conclusive yet granular … Continue reading Changing date granularity based on filter (!) selection

Summing grand totals from different sheets

For today I have a 'how-to' regarding summing up the gross totals from two different calculations on two sheets with different filters (possibly) applied. Assume your first sheet looks like this. I have randomly filtered to ship date years 2021 to 2023. and the second one like this, filtered based on order date (=2021). Also, … Continue reading Summing grand totals from different sheets