Rapid Dashboarding: 5 step process to dashboard success

Sometimes the best you can do is quote someone who did it all so well.
So here we go, a great blog post from Julie Laux on fast (or rapid) dashboarding. 100% worth a read.

Rapid Dashboarding

July 2021

The Back Story

Five years ago, I decided to change my career and go into analytics. The first thing I did was hop on a plane to sunny California and attend the Storytelling with Data Workshop, led by Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic. I learned all about data visualization, how to choose the best graph types, and do’s and don’ts of dashboard design.

I came home and taught myself Tableau and Alteryx and I was well on my way to starting my new analytics career.

Then one day I got an email from one of our Sales VPs, and it said:

“Hey Julie, I was wondering if you can help us build a dashboard to show these three metrics on monthly basis. Seeing this data will really help us improve our sales team performance. “

Wow, my first dashboard request! I had just learned everything there was to know about…

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